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Week 1 - Cabin Fever

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The first week was easy. I was signed off sick for three weeks and told not to drive for a week whilst I saw how my body would react to the Insulin. I moved back home with mum for a while so she could keep an eye on me.

I was started on 4 units of Humalog (bolus) with each meal and 6 units of Abasaglar at night (basal). Within 24 hours, I started to realise just how crap I had been feeling. I had more energy and I was much less irritable and cranky.

On the third day I was out food shopping with my mum and my eyes started to flicker and my legs shake. I thought I was having my first hypo so I went to the car to test my glucose. I had only dropped to 6.0mmol/l but as my sugar had been so high for so long, I was having what's described as a 'False Hypo'. I just waited in the car for mum and rode it out.

Because I felt fine for the week, I ended up with cabin fever. I was bored, frustrated and just wanted to get out of the house. Mum lives in the countryside, so there's not much about! The Prison Officer became a Prisoner!

One week to the day, I was insisting on making the 100-mile trip to see my boyfriend. Mum thought I was crazy (which is probably true) but I took EVERY precaution I could. I had notified DVLA and my insurance company during the week. My Insulin had stayed the same and my sugar was still consistently high-ish.

Regardless of this, I checked my sugar before I set off and made sure I had my kit with me along with some emergency digestive biscuits.

I arrived with no issues and proceeded to drink a copious amount of wine in the evening. I was also advised to up my evening dose of Abasaglar to 8 units and my afternoon Humalog to 6 units. The following morning I learned the hard way that Diabetes, Insulin and alcohol DO NOT MIX! I had low BG, but luckily didn't drop into a Hypo.

As my Insulin was increased, my noble boyfriend set his alarm early so he could check I was still alive (lol)! I got what I deserved and I felt rotten all day followed by a slap on the wrist by my DSN.

Saturday was pretty much spent in bed nursing my shitty hangover. Sunday, I got to go and watch the OH play football (they won), so my cabin fever was cured!

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