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Too High For Sleep

No, not that kind of high... I caved and had pizza for dinner (I know!) I thought I was being semi-responsible and I left all of the crusts.

Before bed, my glucose was at 12.2mmol/l which doesn't seem that high compared to my readings before. However, where my body is getting used to lower glucose levels, it was not happy.

I had a pounding headache, was sweating and felt so irritated. I didn't end up dropping off until gone 2am.

When I woke up around 7am, I felt like I had been for a heavy night out. Is it possible to have a hangover from sugar?!

My mouth felt so dry and I was parched. I also felt groggy. My waking glucose was 9.3mmol/l so still too high...

Clearly 6 units of Humalog is not enough to combat all of the carbs in pizza.

#Hyperglycemia #Pizza #Carbs #Type1Diabetes

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