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Sick Day Rules 😷🤧

It is that dreaded time of year again... A time when Darren and I to and fro with bugs and we spend 99% of our lives ill.

As mentioned in my last post, I have a cough that I think may be turning into a chest infection. I've always been prone to chest infections, but this is the first real bug I've had since being diagnosed with Diabetes.

I had heard of 'Sick Day Rules' but I never really paid much attention to it as I hadn't experienced first hand what illness can do to your glucose levels.

As my cough is getting progressively worse day by day, my sugars are too. Yesterday before work, my BG was 17.1 mmol/l after nothing but a cup of tea.

Today I have seen spikes of up to 18.3 mmol/l. Considering how tight my control has been thus far, this is very high for me.

Although the levels haven't stayed consistently at that level, I am averaging between 13 - 15 mmol/l. At the moment I don't actually feel too shit, but my colleague cheerily told me today that this is just the beginning (he was the sharer of germs...).

I've heard horror stories of Diabetics going into DKA due to illness so I been keeping a close eye on my Ketones. So far, they thankfully haven't gone above 0.2 mmol/l which is in the normal range.

So, what are the sick day rules?

- Check your BG every 2 - 4 hours at minimum;

- If your BG is higher than 6 - 10 mmol/l, use correction doses every 4 hours;

- Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration;

- If your BG is over 13 mmol/l, test for Ketones;

- You may need to increase your daily insulin dose by 10% or even 20% depending on how resistant your BG levels are;

- If your BG stays above 13 mmol/l for 48 hours or more, seek medical advice from your GP or Diabetic Team;

- If you are vomiting, sip on a flat, sugary drink like Lucozade Sport or Still Lemonade to avoid hypos.

So really, sick day rules are common sense. However, when you are ill, sometimes all common sense and logic goes out of the window!

For now, I'm going to try and get some sleep after taking a big dose of Night Nurse 😴

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