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Sh*tty COVID 💩 Pregnancy in 2020

We all know 2020 has been a shit year with COVID, but back during the first peak I had no idea I would go into the second peak pregnant. Sorry in advance as this is a bit of a ranting post...

It's safe to say that COVID and Pregnancy has brought about some interesting challenges leaving me feeling scared and alone. That's not to say that Darren hasn't been incredible - he has.

From day one, the pregnant mother has been left to deal with all of the emotions on her own. We have to attend every single scan and appointment alone, despite many women being told that their baby has no heartbeat, they're having a miscarriage, their baby has a defect and is unlikely to survive...

Although my pregnancy was unplanned and I was in total shock, once I got over that initial panic it hit me just how much this baby was wanted and loved already. Before my 12-week scan, I was a nervous wreck and had convinced myself our baby had passed away and I had suffered a missed miscarriage. All I wanted was for Darren to come with me and hold my hand. Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones and our baby is perfect and healthy.

At 18-weeks, we paid for a private gender scan as partners are allowed to attend private clinics. Watching Darren's face light up as he saw our baby girl for the first time made my heart want to burst. The whole experience of a private scan (along with the incredible images) made it so worth the money.

COVID and Diabetes are making me a bit of a 'problem-child' at work. I had an Occupational Health referral a few weeks ago and was told a few conflicting bits of advice:

Diabetes and COVID - the risk of serious illness or complications are increased, so stay away from people and stringently follow social-distancing guidelines.

Pregnancy and COVID - the risk of premature labour and serious illness are increased, particularly after 28-weeks so stay away from people and stringently follow social-distancing guidelines.

Pregnancy and Diabetes - because you have lost your hypo-awareness, you cannot lone work and must always be with people.

The prison just don't know what to do with me. We have had numerous outbreaks in there and are in a Tier 4 area but it just isn't possible to socially distance in that setting. They've also said that they are unable to provide me with my own work-station, so I am using shared computers to do the little work they are giving me. It is VERY frustrating!

I'm hoping that COVID will have settled down a little by the time it comes to giving birth. Despite the Government's announcement that they were changing the rules for pregnancy so that you could have one person attend all appointments and be with you throughout the whole of the birth, our local hospital hasn't changed a thing.

As it stands, if you go into labour your partner can only come into the hospital when you're 4cm dilated, however long that takes. Once you have given birth and are transferred to the post-natal ward, your partner must leave and is not allowed back into the hospital full stop. They will only see their baby again once you are discharged and must meet you at the entrance of the hospital. It seems crazy to me that the father of the baby is potentially deprived of so much.

The vaccine is not providing much hope either. It isn't recommended that pregnant or breast-feeding mothers have the vaccine due to a lack of research and guidance from Pfizer.

So, as we enter 2021 it'll be interesting to see what this year holds after nearly a whole year in a global pandemic. As with 2020, we will just have to navigate it as it comes...

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