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I Always Knew I Was Sweet!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

When I went for my first blood test, the nurse was horrible! I hadn't realised that I needed to be referred for the blood test by a GP as their app allowed me to just book in. She made me feel stupid and like a hypochondriac as I didn't have a Doctor's approval to be sat in that chair. When I argued that the app should be clearer, she agreed to do the test 'just this once', and proceeded to stab me in the arm leaving me with a lovely bruise.

Two days later, I leave work to numerous missed calls and a message from my mum to say that the GP is stalking me and I need to call them ASAP. The GP had booked me in for an urgent after-hours consultation. My mind went into absolute overdrive, taking me back to that rare form of cancer I read about on Google!

I was in the car on the way to my horses with my boyfriend when the Doctor finally called. He was on loud speaker and he told me my HbA1c (WTF...) was 105 and then asked me why my sugars are so high. Erm... You're the Doctor, you tell me!

He asked about my weight (10st 7lbs and 5ft 5) and then told me I was overweight. Whilst my boyfriend winced and recoiled back into his seat, I listened to the GP tell me I needed to starve myself for another blood test at the hospital. He also booked me in for a follow-up appointment for the next Tuesday.

Because of the way my shifts fell that week, I ended up having to go for the fasting blood test after work. This meant that I starved (water only) for 18.5 hours. I was feeling exhausted and incredibly hangry.

Whilst I awaited the results, I Googled (you will come to realise I spend most of my life Googling things) Diabetes and after the GP's comments about me being overweight I had convinced myself I was Type 2.

My results came back at 10.6mmol/l. When at the follow-up appointment, the same GP told me I was definitely not overweight(?!) and he had me do another BG test. The results to this one came back at 19.6mmol/l but only 0.1mmol/l Ketones.

To me, they were just numbers that didn't mean anything, so I was shocked when he told me he was doing an urgent referral to the Diabetes Clinic as he believed me to be Type 1 and in need of Insulin injections.

He was dumbfounded and said that I was an anomaly as I was still feeling well and functioning normally at work. I was slightly freaked when he said that if I felt at all unwell in the meantime that I was to go to hospital immediately.

In the meantime, I was advised to cut out all refined sugar and to significantly cut carbs... FML!

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