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R.I.P Pancreas 💀😵👻

I probably shouldn't be happy about this, but I AM! My honeymoon period is over, my Pancreas is completely dead 💀

I think it has been on its way out for a few weeks, but I feel like it's the perfect celebration for Halloween (my FAVOURITE time of year 🎃)

I actually feel guilty for being relieved, but it has made my Diabetes more manageable and also more predictable.

I have had one hypo in the last four weeks and I think that was triggered by an over-correction when I was unwell.

Unfortunately due to a funeral I ended up doing a Basal Test; I ran out of time to eat anything before the funeral and didn't end up having anything until around 14:30. My BG hovered around 14mmol/l.

I wonder if forgetting my dose of Basal during nights was the nail in the coffin.

I've upped my Basal from 8 units to 10 units for now and will see how it goes.

In other news, I have been going through a phase where I am overwhelmed by how demanding and constant Diabetes is.

I was so happy with my HbA1c, but I literally worked my ass off to understand Diabetes and to manage my BG. Sometimes I feel like I am borderline obsessive about it.

My DSN warned me that my next HbA1c may go up due to the end of my honeymoon period. This fills me with dread but equally I am trying to not let it take over my life.

Hopefully with a bit more predictability, I will be able to chill out a little bit more.

#HoneymoonIsOver #RIP #DeadPancreasClub #Type1

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