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Pregnancy and Type 1 Diabetes - Part 2

My second trimester saw the end of nausea and my acne got a little better. The main challenge I faced was with my Diabetes.

I'm not sure if I am a 'normal' Diabetic - whenever I am sick, my sugars seem to plummet and pregnancy has led to the same issue. Specialists and other Diabetics always talk about how blood glucose tends to go through the roof, increasing the risk of Ketoacidosis but for me it is literally the opposite.

I'd been warned that around 15 weeks pregnant my Insulin requirements would gradually start to increase, but this just hasn't happened. If anything, my Insulin requirements have gone down since the start of the pregnancy and I am now 21 weeks.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've lost a lot of hypo-awareness which is dodgy. I routinely scanned my arm one evening with my Libre device and it popped up 'LO' so I checked with a finger-prick. My glucose was at 2.3 mmol/l and I felt no different, but I quickly treated the hypo.

My worst time seems to be overnight. I would frequently wake up feeling absolutely rotten wondering if I was ailing. I would scan my arm and would realise I had once again been hypo all night. The Diabetic Obstetrician (who I see every other week) decided to put me on a CGM with an alarm.

About a week later, the Dexcom G6 arrived in the post and I have to say it is a really incredible piece of kit. It has made managing my hypo's so much easier, but admittedly the alarm drives Darren and I INSANE during the night. Some nights it can wake me up 4+ times as nothing keeps my glucose levels up.

Being Diabetic has meant that I will get quite a few additional growth scans (not complaining as I get to see our baby more!) but also an additional Cardiac scan just before the 20-week anomaly scan. Diabetes can increase the risk of birth defects and cardiac issues so I was nervous before both scans. Luckily, both scans were fine and baby is happy and healthy.

Because of Coronavirus and Christmas, I haven't seen the Diabetes team for weeks. I want to speak to them to ask why my Insulin intake is remaining low and if this is normal - not that I am complaining, I just want to understand. I've finally been booked in for early January though.

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