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Nocturnal Hypo-Phobia 😴

The FreeStyle Libre is absolutely incredible, it has made managing T1D so much easier. The only downside I am experiencing is it is giving me a bit of a phobia of having hypos overnight.

According to my scanner, I am having hypo's a lot at night time. It isn't happening consistently enough for me to consider changing my basal dose, and I am also hesitant to do so based on the sensor readings. They can sometimes be up to 3-4mmol/l out when compared to finger-pricking.

It may be that I am not actually in a hypo at all, but I can't check because they don't wake me up. And herein lies my problem. I am terrified that I am having all of these hypos and I have no idea they're happening.

Some mornings I wake up and feel shattered and I feel like I have a hypo-hangover. Other days the sensor says I've had a hypo and I feel absolutely fine and refreshed.

My Godmother told me that dreaming can burn a lot of energy. My Godfather has been Type 1 for over 30 years so they have been a source of a lot of knowledge for me! I often have really vivid (and very whacky) dreams... I wonder if these cause a lot of my night time lows?

So far, I have only had one episode of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia that woke me up. I got home from work at 22.00 and had a late dinner with bolus insulin. By 00.30, I was a sweaty, shaking mess sat eating chocolate biscuits in bed. My sugar was at 2.1mmol/l.

After, I was scared to go back to sleep. What if it plummeted again and I didn't wake up? I have no idea what woke me that time, I don't recall having a bad dream or anything.

So my slightly irrational hypo-phobia stems from the fear that I will go to sleep and not wake up ever again 😂 melodramatic, I know!

To combat my fear, I religiously sleep with my reader next to my bed. Any time I wake up in the night, I automatically reach for it and scan just to make sure. I also have a stash of glucose tablets on the bedside table.

My Libre tells me the longest I've gone without a hypo is four nights (five days). Since my bad night time hypo, I have been trying not to go to bed if my BG is below 7.0mmol/l. I am also going to be very cautious when I have a late finish at work. I'll probably half my basal insulin dose.

So far, I've not had a hypo for three days (two nights). I am determined to get this back under control. I have my next meeting with my DSN in mid-October and don't want a slap on the wrist!

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