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My Very Own Unicorn 🦄

A little bit off topic but this is Mannie, my very own Golden Unicorn ❤️ She is four and is an Andalusian mare with the kindest soul.

I have owned her since she was 9-months old, but in the last few weeks she has been away being backed. This basically means being trained to have a rider. She came home last weekend ready to continue her education.

I have barely ridden over the last year due to a multitude of reasons, but in some ways this has come at the perfect time. She went away as I was diagnosed with Diabetes, so it gave me a chance to get to grips with Insulin before I had to get on her!

I genuinely don't think I would have had the energy to do anything with her if I hadn't been diagnosed. I felt like a battery that was about to die...

But now I'm ready to start this exciting journey as I train her and build her confidence. It'll be interesting to see how my Diabetes is with the combination exercise and adrenaline (riding young horses can be very scary!)

So far I have ensured that I am running a little bit higher so I don't drop into a Hypo, but have found that my BG actually goes up whilst I'm on-board.

So as I say, I know it's off topic but I will be posting updates on here because she makes me want to burst with pride. Also, I am not going to let Diabetes stand in my way and stop me from doing something I love.

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