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Manic Months and a Little Surprise

So, where to begin? I once again have completely neglected this site and I am sorry. I have a pretty good excuse though as the last 5 months have just been a whirlwind of massive change.

Rewind back to August, I took the plunge and moved 100 miles to be with my partner. I packed up my life (including my horse!) and went for it. After a couple of weeks off to settle in, I started at a new Prison which annoyingly I am growing to hate.

As regular readers will know, my period gives me HELL and has no rhyme or reason. I was roughly due on around my first day at work which was just typical. I was dreading the agonising back cramps while trying to find my way at the new place.

A week went by and despite my usual boob aches and crankiness telling me it was coming, I had no period. Darren had just finished his last night shift when I saw him in the car park on Monday morning. I was on cycle day 39 which wasn't unusual for me, but something felt off. I asked Darren to pick up a test.

Now fast forward to today. I am 5-months pregnant with our first child which we are both thrilled about. My laptop is currently resting on my little bump which is merrily wriggling and kicking away in response.

In just a few weeks, we will hopefully be moving again as we are waiting for completion on our first proper home - somewhere we can nest and be a family ready for our little one to be here.

The months since my move have just been hectic - I've had to move the pony twice as our first yard was pretty much hell-on-earth for horses. My spare time has been pretty much filled with appointments as I battle my way through pregnancy as a Type 1 Diabetic. However, more posts are to come on that front...

Now I am finally feeling settled and life is generally calmer, I am back to continue to share my experiences of the minefield that is Diabetes.

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