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Long Live The NHS ❤️

I ended up feeling so guilty the other day... I was frustrated that my Medical Exemption Certificate STILL hadn't come through the post. Depending which Pharmacist was in my local surgery, I was sporadically being charged for prescriptions. I've got a stack of prescription receipts that I need to claim back.

I was getting p*ssed off because initially the surgery didn't know which GP to get to sign my form. Then they lost the form and asked me to come in and do another one. Then they found the first form. Then they waited almost a week to send it off. So yeah, that was annoying. But then I took a step back and realised I was just being a brat.

We are so fortunate in this country to have the NHS and to get Medical Exemption. I was devastated to read about a young man in America who lost his life due to being unable to afford Insulin. If you haven't heard about this, you can read more here. The average monthly cost of Insulin alone in America is $1200 per month!

The NHS covers our Insulin, clinics, testing strips, sensors, readers, tablets and pretty much everything else we need to help manage this condition. I've had the Libre for two weeks now, and I saw online that the RRP of the sensors (if self-funded) are £60 each!

After my petulant five-minutes, my card arrived through the post. So, here's to our NHS, probably the best thing to ever come out of the UK 🥂 I'm now going to retreat and hang my head in shame and I vow not to moan about the NHS EVER AGAIN.

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