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I'm Falling Apart

Warning, I am becoming Moaning Myrtle in this post. I genuinely feel like a 27-year old trapped in the body of an 80-year old! I have more energy, but my fibro is being tweaky. I ache like a bitch!

I have an Astigmatism in my left eye that feels like it is deteriorating quickly. I've been wearing my reading glasses religiously but the eye just feels tired. I am unintentionally winking at people. I have read that starting Insulin can temporarily effect your eyesight, so let's hope it's that rather than my eye ball becoming an even odder shape.

Has anyone else had issues with their teeth because of Diabetes? I've never had a problem but recently my teeth are so sensitive. I wonder if the increased glucose levels somehow manages to get to your teeth? Definitely a question for my DSN when I meet her in a couple of weeks...

Moan over. I'm off to get my zimmer frame...

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