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Losing My Hypo Virginity

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

On 5th August, my DSN adjusted my units to 4/6/6/8. At lunch time I was distracted by my dog who is once again having back problems. She had finally settled down cuddled up to me, so I didn't want to move her. I had taken the full 6 units of insulin and only ate around 16g of carbs.

Around 14:30 I realised I needed to call my boss. I had been feeling a little nauseous but otherwise okay. As I picked up the phone, I had what I can only describe as a panic attack. I was shaking from head to toe, had really rapid breathing and my heart was absolutely pounding. I hung up the phone and burst into tears.

I wondered what the hell was going on with me! Surely I wasn't panicking about calling my boss?! It then twigged that I hadn't eaten much at lunch and I checked my BG. I struggled to prick my finger and to get blood on the testing strip as I was shaking so much. 3.7mmol/l... I was having my first hypo!

I treated it with 4x glucose tablets and then had some bread and butter 20 minutes later.

I had been feeling like a fraud being off work. I was better than I had been in a long time. Howver, my first hypo made me sit up and realise exactly why I am off sick. I am sick and if that happened at work, my safety and the security of the prison would be compromised.

A couple of days later, I was on the phone to my boyfriend just before lunch. I felt a little hungry but nothing more. When we got off the phone, I went to check my BG before lunch and I started to shake a little. I was shocked to see I had dropped into a hypo of 2.6mmol/l. I was really confused why it was lower than my previous hypo but I didn't feel anywhere near as bad. Hopefully it's because I was talking on the phone and distracted so I didn't notice the onset. That's what I'm hoping anyway...

After both hypo's, I felt absolutely drained. I could have slept for hours! Weirdly on both occasions I craved a warm bath or shower. I don't know if it was the right thing to do or not, but I showered after and it helped me to feel more human.

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