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Hormones + Insulin Weight Gain = Emotional Wreck

Today is not a good day. I'm fed up and for the first time since being diagnosed am feeling so resentful to this new life.

I'm due on in less than a week so PMS is NOT helping. I'm feeling hormonal and emotional. I used to cope with PMS by eating carbs and drinking copious amounts of wine whilst blubbing to a Disney. At least I can still do the latter 🙄

The bit that's getting to me the most is the post-diagnosis weight gain. Last night I weighed myself and I have gained around 9lbs since I was diagnosed. After going for a long time where I could eat like a horse and still lose weight, this came as a shock. I feel like a fat pig 🐷

I have read that weight gain after starting Insulin is normal, and it is in fact my body becoming 'healthier'. People have also told me how healthy I look and have said I was starting to look a bit 'gaunt' before.

Despite this, I still can't accept what the scales are telling me. I'm going to try and get back to a weight I am happy with and don't worry, I will do it in a healthy way. Now I'm back at work, my exercise will significantly increase. I will also be much more mindful of calorie intake vs calories burned.

For the first time ever, I had two hypos in one day yesterday. I think the first was caused by heat - I ate my normal breakfast with normal units of Insulin, but was in an absolute sweat box at work.

I am a Vampire at heart and I struggle with the heat anyway. So Insulin combined with a heatwave (32 degrees) was not ideal. According to Diabetes.co.uk, 'The body's metabolism is higher in hot and humid weather which can lead to an increased chance of hypoglycemia as insulin absorption can be increased.'

The second hypo was in the evening and I definitely misjudged my Insulin. I had homemade kale and feta lasagna which was delicious but very rich and filling. I couldn't eat very much and unfortunately it didn't agree with me and very quickly upset my stomach.

The evening hypo made me feel like I had been hit by a bus. I ached all over and felt so tired I could have collapsed. I slept for over 9 hours but I still feel worn out today.

So today is a rest day and I am permitting myself some R&R. I'm going to consciously try and give myself a break.

Yes, I have gained weight but it isn't due to me losing control. I am alive and probably a lot healthier than I have been for a long time. If I carried on losing weight at the rate I was, would I still be here to tell the tale? Who knows...

So, someone pass the tissues and a Disney!

#PMS #WeightGain #Hypos #Type1

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