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Honeymoon From Hell

I'm still on fixed units of Insulin. I have 4 units with breakfast, 6 with lunch and dinner and then 8 at bed time.

My BG readings are all over the place.

I emailed my DSN to ask about carb counting and was told that they won't even consider it for at least 6-months as it would serve no benefit (that was all the explanation I got).

I do understand that I'm in the 'honeymoon period' and my Pancreas is periodically producing Insulin which is having a big impact on my readings.

I get frustrated that sometimes on the days I feel like I've been 'good' and not eaten many carbs, I am having readings in the mid-teens. Other days I fall off the wagon and eat chocolate or a doughnut on top of my usual meals and end up having a hypo.

Some nights I will have something really naughty, like Pizza, and I know that it will give me a carb overdose, but I still only give my 'fixed' dose of 6 units. I then have sleepless nights as my sugar is sky-high.

I also find that some meals I am eating more than I normally would to make sure that I am 'feeding' the Insulin dose.

This is one shitty honeymoon...

Although it's great that I am able to take a small amount of Insulin, I can't help but feel like I can only start to get better when I know what I'm dealing with. I just want to feel like I have a little bit of control.

I need to understand if this is why I'm not carb counting and adjusting my Insulin. Is it because there is too much guesswork at the moment? Even if I could learn a bit about correction doses, I'd feel a happier.

I've contacted my DSN with a barrage of questions this morning, so hopefully things will be a little clearer soon.

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