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High Ho, High Ho, Off To The Diabetes Clinic I Go...

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

I got my referral through really quickly. My GP appointment was on the Tuesday and I was in the clinic by the Friday.

I had no idea what to expect. I had read that they would assess my feet. Me being me, I ensured I painted my toenails, just in case... I had been feeling quite run down, but I put that down to my mind playing tricks on me now that I was labelled as 'unwell'. I looked at the symptoms of Diabetes and began to realise that I had actually been suffering with a lot more of those symptoms than I first thought:

Excessive thirst - I had been drinking CRAZY amounts. I would drink all day at work then literally come home and neck two pints of water in one go. I put this down to the lovely environment I work in (a prison) and that I was just dehydrated.

Constant peeing - ALL. THE. TIME. I used to be able to sleep for 14 hours without one wee break. Now, I am getting up 2-3 times in a 6-hour sleep. I naturally put this down to my drinking habits, but it also is a symptom of Cervicitis (see previous post).

Blurred vision/ dizziness - This happened quite a few times at work, but the little darlings smoke a lot of stuff that they are not meant to. I thought I was feeling the effects of that even though none of my colleagues were feeling it.

Weight loss - After my loss of 9lbs at the end of last year, I dropped down to 10st 6lbs (a further 8lbs from last year) even though I was eating like a starved horse.

Fatigue - I also suffer with Fibromyalgia and fatigue is a big part of that, so once again, I brushed this off as my Fibro being a biatch. I also wasn't sleeping well, often waking up multiple times at night which would then lead to me needing yet another pee.

On arrival at the clinic, they took my height and weight and then got me to pee in a cup. When I saw the Diabetes Consultant, he spoke to me about all of the symptoms I had. He confirmed that I am Type 1 Diabetic and that I would be starting Insulin with 4 injections a day. He also told me that due to my line of work, for my own safety and also the security of the prison, that I would need 3-4 weeks off work to give my body time to adjust to Insulin.

He also said that we had been extremely lucky. I was feeling 'under the weather' because in the short time between the GP and my referral, I had developed a 'significant amount' of Ketones. Another day or two and I would have been very poorly.

I had to wait to see the DSN for ages and I was sweating my tits off in the waiting room. It was around 30 degrees outside and I was feeling anxious. I finally got called through and I genuinely can't remember much of what she told me (which she said would happen). I was more focused on the fact I was going to have to stab myself four times a day.

The DSN got me to practice doing an injection and showed me how to check my glucose. The injection wasn't as bad as I thought so I stopped freaking out quite so much. I walked away with a good haul of stuff. It was like Christmas, only you just get socks! I was presented with:

- FreeStyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose Machine

- Lancets

- Blood glucose testing strips

- Ketone testing strips

- Abasaglar Insulin (basal) + passport

- Humalog Insulin (bolus) + passport

- Glucose log book (with my units written in)

- Injection needles

- Sharps bin

- Leaflets, leaflets and more leaflets

It's a good job I took a rucksack! I left the DSN with strict instructions to get in touch if I panic or forget anything important. If not, I was to have a great weekend (hmm) and was to email my Glucose log the following Monday.

I then had to go and speak to a Dietician. By this point, my head was too full to really concentrate on what she was saying. I basically just had to look at pictures of meals and point out what the carbs were in each meal.

So, here's my loot from my day out to the clinic:

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