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HbA1c Round 2 👊🏼

I've been on a Diabetes Foundations Course - what I thought was a quick check-up with my DSN turned out to be a morning of Powerpoint...

I was sad to see that I was the only one who went, despite many being invited. The course was run by my DSN but also had a presentation by a Clinical Psychologist and a Dietician.

The benefit of it being just me was that I was able to ask all of the niggling questions that I still hadn't found answers to.

However, the cherry on top for me was my second HbA1c result. It's been exactly 3-months to the day since my last HbA1c where I was 105 mmol/mol.

My latest is 48 mmol/mol!

I am ecstatic with this result and didn't expect it. Having the Libre has enabled me to get to grips with Diabetes very quickly and I am very fortunate.

My DSN thinks I am out of the honeymoon period now, so this may cause my figure to go up slightly for my next one.

For now, I am not going to worry about it. I know I am doing okay and I will continue to manage it as I have been.

Another bonus - I have also been introduced to a BD Needle Clipper - I had no idea these existed and it is a GAME CHANGER. Gone are the days where I have to take a sharps bin with me when I go away for a few days 😂

#DSN #HbA1C #TypeOne

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