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First Week With The FreeStyle Libre ❤️

Sorry I have been quiet, I have been working crazy hours and have spent my weekend off with the better half.

A week ago, I was incredibly lucky. I found out I had been accepted for the Libre by my Diabetes team. Being newly diagnosed and still in my honeymoon period, I am not actually eligible for it. However, due to my personal circumstances, they decided it would suit me better than having to finger-prick so often.

I have to say, I am so grateful (and so are my fingertips!)

One of the conditions of my return to work was that I had to test my glucose every 2 hours. Some days I work 13 hour shifts, so this with the added testing for driving, meal times, bed time and whenever I felt hypo/ hyper meant I could be testing 12+ times a day.

I am still a bit confused about the difference between a Flash Glucose Monitor and a Continuous Glucose Monitor as the Freestyle Libre will track the last 8-hours? On Google, the only difference I can actually find is the fact the FGM's do not have an alarm for Hypos/ Hypers.

Alarms would be an incredibly handy feature, but one that I am in no rush for as I am currently VERY hypo aware. My colleagues are as well as apparently I become really cranky 😂 I feel it's completely justified though, right?

As well as not having to finger prick all the time, I have found it interesting to see my glucose activity overnight. Quite often, I seem to drop into mild hypo range around 02:00 - 04:00 but I am still waking up in generally between 6 - 7mmol/l.

I have found the scanner to be pretty close in accuracy to the finger pricking. It's generally between 1 and 2mmol/l out which given the 10 - 15 minute lag is reasonable.

When I went to the clinic to get the Libre and be shown how to work it, I was terrified to apply it for the first time. My DSN assured me it was no worse than injecting or finger pricking, but the needle in the applicator (sorry, I don't know what any of the parts are called!) looked big.

When I finally did it, I literally didn't feel a thing. Now, I barely notice it's there. If I lean on it, it can sometimes feel like leaning on a tiny bruise but nothing worse than that.

I have been surprised by the durability. I LOVE a soak in a hot bath and for a few days was convinced it looked like something that shouldn't get wet at all, despite what the DSN said!

I try to keep my baths below 30 minutes and haven't had them as nuclear hot as I usually would, but at the moment the sensor is going nowhere.

Having the mental age of a 5-year-old, my absolute favourite thing about the Libre is the range of stickers you can get for it! I have already got a Unicorn sticker on, but have just had a delivery of black and white stickers. As a Unicorn lover, would you find it hard to believe I am also semi-gothic?

I still need to invest in a good arm band or strap for the sensor. I have already been quizzed about 'what's that thing on your arm, Miss?!' by the prisoners. I don't doubt that if anything kicks off it'll be the first thing they target 🙄

So, after one week with my 'Robo-Arm' as my BF lovingly calls it, I am feeling very lucky. To top it off, I haven't got one drop on my white work shirt since getting it as I am no longer having to quickly test before prisoners see! Winner! 💪🏻

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