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FINALLY, A Little Bit Of Freedom!

A few days ago, I wrote/ ranted about being on fixed doses of Insulin. Well, yesterday the nurse who is 'looking after' me whilst my DSN is on leave gave me the go-ahead to adjust my Insulin based on my carb intake.

I feel like the kid who has gone to dad because mum said no... Ah well! It is still a victory 🤷🏼‍♀️

I'm experimenting with the ratio of 1 unit of Insulin per 10g of carbs. My readings have been a tiny bit over what they should be, but for now I am happy with that. I don't want to bring it down too quickly or overdose on Insulin!

This is very quickly becoming my new BFF:

I have started checking my BG 2-hours after meals as well so I can start to track how my body responds to different foods. My poor fingers are definitely feeling the increase! I have lovingly nicknamed my finger pricker 'Count Dracula' 🧛🏻‍♂️.

I've had to request that my GP increases the number of testing strips prescribed at one time. The Abbott Freestyle Optium testing strips come in boxes of 50, so I'm getting through them at the rate of knots.

I have an appointment at the Diabetes Clinic next Friday (23rd) and am planning to enquire about a CGM. I am due back to work tomorrow and think it will be more practical with my job.

#CarbCounting #Insulin #Freedom

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