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Fatigue, Fatigue, Fatigue 😴

Following on from my last post, I have taken plenty of time to get myself back on track. I've spent a long weekend away with my amazing partner and his family in Hastings. I went back to work for four shifts and then had another week off to celebrate my man's birthday. We got to spend THE WHOLE WEEK together!

I'm in a much better place mentally, so am going to throw myself back into this blog as it helps me to order my thoughts.

So, although I am feeling better in my mind, I am struggling with fatigue. I often have VERY vivid dreams that wake me up multiple times during the night. By vivid, I mean bizarre dreams that cannot be described by dream dictionaries or even psychologists...

But some nights I feel like I sleep like the dead 💀 and I still wake up tired.

My BG has been running higher recently, particularly over the last week. I have been on my period and also have a chesty bug. Could this be a contributing factor? I think it is very likely because I tend to turn into the Hulk when I'm high.

I can't see what else could be causing continuous fatigue, especially when I have had a restful few weeks.

I think my Insulin requirements are increasing, so maybe I need to do some calculations to determine what my basal dosage should be.

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