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Disposable vs. Refillable Insulin Pens

When I was first diagnosed and sat at the Diabetes Clinic, I was offered a choice of the disposable pens or the refillable ones.

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed at that point and literally couldn't have cared less what type of pen I was going to stab myself with. I did think that the refillable ones sounded like a bit more effort though so went with the ready-to-go option.

Now that I feel like I could inject with my eyes closed, I have had more time to think. I am a bit of a hippy/ eco-warrior type and as I was throwing away my used pens last night, I was thinking about what type of pen would be more environmentally friendly?

I always put my used pens in the recycling box anyway, but I'm not even sure if they can be recycled? However, it feels like such a waste of plastic.

Both of my Insulin's are made by Lilly who offer a metal option called the HumaPen Savvio. The pens come in six different colours making it easy to differentiate between your Basal and Bolus. An added advantage is that they look BEAUTIFUL.

The only downside to the look is that I can't help but think they look like a certain sex toy 😂

Do you see what I mean?!

Despite this, I think they look sleek and classy. I am particularly tempted by the pink and the graphite options.

They're advertised as being a 'reassuringly solid design'. This sturdiness is reflected in the cost though. At between £40 - £49.99 each (depending where you buy from), I would expect them to last for many years to come.

The other downside to the HumaPen Savvio is that it doesn't enable half measures like its more advanced sister, the HumaPen Luxura HD. Unfortunately the Luxura HD only comes in one colour (rainforest green) and is almost £60 a pop!

So do you really save much on plastic by turning to the metal option? The Insulin cartridges are still plastic after all, albeit a smaller quantity.

At this stage I will be sticking to my trusty disposable pens as I have just had to order another prescription of my Bolus. However, I am keen to hear your experiences with the refillable options. Are they worth the cost/ effort and would I be saving the world one Insulin pen at a time? 🌎

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